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Keith M

Well Hello, Keith Morris here, and I have some questions for you. 1. I am 67, I like a iron that has some forgiveness and also will allow you have good solid feel on contact. I don't play a blade any more, did for 25 years, love that feeling. I don't hit the ball as far as I once did, my 7 iron now is about 153 to 159 yards, driver about 255 to 262 on good days. My clubs now are R11s with a graphite Fujikura stiff 75 g shaft in my irons, and driver has 60g Aldila stiff shaft. Swing speed on irons are 82 to 88, and driver is 92 to 95. I know shafts are the answer to any good golf club and finding the correct one is the answer for solid golf, I am a Titleist putter all the way and same way with the ball, pro v 1x. What irons and driver do you think I could play that could carry me in the same direction that I am going now. Just looking for some help, Thanks KM

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  1. Ryan H

    I believe you would be looking at the ap2 and 913d2. I currently play the ap2s and can say they allow me to shape shots when needed but make my slight misses appear non existent. 

  2. pulplvr


    I am 69 and have been playing my 712 AP-2s for two full seasons now.  They are fantastic, and the 714s are even better.  I do not believe you could go wrong with them, but you should be properly fitted by a Titleist professional fitter.  That way you'll get the proper shaft for you and your swing.  Similarly, get fitted for the 913 driver and find the proper combination of shat and head for you and your game.  I am confident you'll be exceptionally happy with both choices.  I am currently waiting to accrue enough course credit to be able to afford a 913 D2 driver.

  3. Don O

    AP2s are more foregiving than blades.  If you need some more forgiveness, AP1s are also an option.  After being surprised with the final shaft selected during a fitting, I can only say you should get fitted for the right combination.  There are several options that are N/C over the floor model samples.

  4. Keith M

    Hay thanks, this makes me feel good to know there are others that think like me, good to have friends, God Bless Keith

  5. Keith M

    Have you had Titleist driver before

  6. Don O

    Keith M

    Have you had Titleist driver before

    I have 913 D2, after having a 910 D2 and previous version of a png G series.  I started 3 years ago at age 60, so my swing is still changing, but I doubt I will get my driver as far as you w/o a long downhill.  I needed to reduce backspin on the 910 and the shaft fitted was close in price to the 913.  My hit pattern is wide enough that I need the larger, more forgiving face of the D2 versus the more compact D3.

    Titleist has gone in a great direction with making more commercial shafts available and not offerin as many the "made for <OEM> versions. 

  7. Sam S

    i would honestly grab yourself a 910d3. the older models are great and feel even better a smaller head will provide a little more challenge than say a d2 but at the level of your game it sounds like it would work. another reason i say 910 is because of the slight size difference between years and personal opinion.

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