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My Wife. Getting Her Fitted ...

Allen L

Need suggestions.  My wife does not play well and does not care to play because she has trouble just hitting the ball.  She has a set of off the shelf, cheep, ladies clubs.  She does not enjoy playing because she can't hit the ball well.  I'd like to have her fitted for clubs and get her some good instruction.  I like playing golf with her, and wish that she could enjoy the game.

My questions:

Are there fitters who specialize in females?  
She seems to have a good grip, good stance, she targets, but I can't tell what goes wrong from there.  Frequently she will swing and miss the ball.  She is short, about 5' 6" and I'm thinking that the lie of her clubs isn't right.  The steel shafts aren't doing her any favors either, I think.  I guess that I'm hoping to to give her the equipment and instruction that would help to make her enjoy playing.

During a fitting would she be able to try out what she needs?
I think she needs clubs that she has confidence in.  She knows she has cheap clubs and has low expectations from them. 

She took one lesson from our club pro who frustrated her and she refused additional lessons.  Does Titleist have instructors for females?  Golf camps for women?

Suggestions welcomed.  I need help with this.

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  1. Don O

    Been there, although we haven't replaced all of the color coordinated clubs. Don't know your local options, but July is the PGA's push to offer group classes. If you can find a group to work with, I found that added inspiration for my wife. And she doesn't have to only play with me.

    Since Titleist doesn't sell color sets a good fitter should be able to find a combination for her.
  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Allen,  Yes, there are good fitters and instructors that can help your wife to enjoy this great game.  Give us a call at Team Titleist 1-888-TITLEIST (888-848-5347) and we can look at your location and see who we have in your area that is a moderate swingpeed designated account.

  3. tdogg21

    This isn't always the popular opinion, but I think you should find a good ladies instructor and get a couple of lessons first.  At the very least get her to be able to hit the ball consistently and then get fit.

  4. Allen L

    Thank you Cathi.  I have talked with our nearest fitter and am trying to arrange a date and time.  Appreciate your help.

  5. Brian D

    Hi Cathi, this topic caught my eye.  I have a similar issue, although my wife enjoys time on the course with me and my two boys.  I am thinking its the boys not me, but that is another story.

    Anyway, would the best recomendation be to get her fit with AP1's and more flexible shafts?  Same thing with the woods?  Go for D3 with more flexibilty and higher launch and spin in the shaft ?



  6. steve b


      Too bad your wife had a bad experience with her first lesson.   Ask around. There are many good teachers ( men and women) that will have the necessary empathy and patience for a new player.  I would not worry right now about the fitting part. Eventually that will be really important for her, but not now.  I would suggest you start her with lessons on short game --- chipping and putting… This is much easier to learn for some players and more positive re-enforcemnt initially.  When she goes to the course then maybe she would only hit these shots for now.  As she gets more confidence she can progrss to full swing.
      If you have trouble finding an instructor feel free to call me -- 405-842-2626.  I am a PGA Professional in Oklahoma City and have been teaching for 40 years.  I also know hundreds of golf pros in just about every state in the US. I am sure I can help you find a good instructor.
     Steve Ball 

  7. 19hole

    Brian, I had a set of AP1s made for my wife with 50 gram shafts and she saw an immediate improvement in her iron play. She also plays a 913 D2 with a 50 gram A flex shaft.

  8. Allen L

    Thanks everyone for the great advice.  I have talked with a fitter and pro in Columbus and will set up some lessons and after those get her some good clubs.  Again, thanks for the help.

  9. Hotsauce


    This isn't always the popular opinion, but I think you should find a good ladies instructor and get a couple of lessons first.  At the very least get her to be able to hit the ball consistently and then get fit.

    I'm doing that same thing.  My wife will tolerate golf, but she does not love it because she gets frustrated.  I'd love nothing more than to get her into it just enough so we can play on vacation.  Once she can make contact most of the time, if she wants, I'd love to get her fitted.
    You gotta keep trying!  She didn't ski when she first moved to CO and during our last year she asked for bindings for Valentine's day.  Maybe one day I'll be giving her the "Number one gift in Golf"
  10. 19hole

    Josh, send me a now and we'll set your wife up in one of our clinics.  A little golf,  a little wine.... The girls love it! 

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