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Driver shaft S or X

Stephen F

Intend to purchase a 913 D2 and not sure what shaft to purchase. With the 913 d2 with a whiteboard 72 S, my specs are as follows: Swing speed 108-112 Ball speed 155 Spin rate 2700 Launch 11

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  1. Brandon

    My swing speed is 107-112 and a ball speed in the high 160s I use a project x 6.0 (stiff) and that works great. I feel like those are good spin rates but low launch , I'd hit a few shafts and see what's most consistent and best feel.
  2. Chris92009

    Stephen, I would definitely get fit on a trackman system before you purchase...I have been back and forth on the same subject but once you see the results the decision is easy!  

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