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Shafts for Woods

Shahrizal M

I just got fit for my new Titleist MBs, and am using the Project X PXI 6.0 with 2 degree upright. Since I only managed to get myself fit for irons (was in the US on vacation), I was wondering if you could tell me what's a good shaft option for my Titleist 913 woods. Am using the Daimana stock shaft (S) for the hybrid and Matrix Radix 5 for the Driver and 3 wood

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  1. Cameron D


    It is tough to determine the correct metal wood shaft based off of what you have in your irons.  I would take a look at the shaft characteristics in your current metal woods and analyze how they perform.  This will allow you to determine if you need something with a higher or lower kick point, more or less spin, and heavier or lighter in weight.



  2. Shahrizal M

    Thanks, but would you have any guides in terms of what shafts may be a good fit? Am looking at a medium trajectory ball flight and the ability to shape shots as a preference. My Matrix Radix has so far given me the best results but am wondering if there are better options.

  3. Cameron D


    Since they are completely different clubs, it is tough to base it off of what you were fit in your irons.  If the Matrix Radix is performing well for you now, then you could use that as a baseline.  For example, if it feels great and launches a little too high, then consider something with similar weight and torque but higher kick point.  It would help if you knew your launch and spin numbers, so that you could head in the right direction with what shafts to try.



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