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Project X PXi v dynamic gold tour issue

Tom L

I am getting ready to get fit for my new Titleist irons. According to the numbers these shafts are the front runners. What information can anyone provide insight on either shaft. My 6 iron swing speed is 99, and my main objective is to gain more control over distance. 

I look forward to all insight.

Happy Holidays to all.

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  1. ksprecher


    Happy holidays. That's tour level swing speed. Both shafts are terrific, but you may find the PXi shaft too light compared to the DG. Without seeing your trackman numbers and your swing I suggest going with the DG tour issue. The heavier shaft will make it easier to feel the club and tend to launch lower.

    Good luck,


  2. Chris92009



    I have used both these shafts back and forth in recent years albeit I have used DG Tour Issue the bulk of the time as Kevin mentioned due to its heavier weight.  My swing speed is around 110 though and I need the extra weight to smooth out my tempo.  That being said, Kevin is spot on since the the PXi will launch higher than the DG you need a trackman evaluation off of grass if possible to get a better picture which one will work better for you.  I had Cliff at Titleist TPI Oceanside evaluate both these shafts for my game and it turned out they both worked perfectly when the trackman data was reviewed so it became a personal decision of feel and trajectory of the ball at the end of the day.  In fact, I was surprised I could have been fit into almost 8 steel shafts including PXi, DG TI, Modus 120 or 130, C-Taper, etc... it seemed unreal that many shafts would work for my game...this may or may not be the case your swing however I hope by sharing my experience it will help you move forward!

    Good Luck,


  3. Tom L

    I appreciate your input Chris and Kevin. I am excited to get on trackman soon to see what will suit me best. But hitting off grass is going to be a few months yet, I am in Michigan and we just got socked hard with 18 inches of white stuff. So I will be hitting off matts but will see full ball flight. I have a good idea that DGTI will be shaft due to weight and comfort factor, but will try KBS Tour also. Now just have to figure out whether CB/MB combo or AP2.

    Thanks again for all the insight.


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