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Shaft for 913 fairway woods

Richard N

I switched to diamana BB 72g in my driver and love the way it hits. I am now getting a 913f fairway wood and want to see about shafts. I want to get an 83g shaft but see it is typically offered in the d+ option verses the s+. Would I expect similar flight on fairway wood as in driver. Would it be worth it to custom order the s+ shaft. I want to get on a launch monitor but that is not an option where I am.

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  1. Cameron D


    That S+ and D+ 82 are both options you could consider.  The D+ will launch it lower then the BB-7 you have in your driver.  The S+ will launch it closet to the BB-7, but will play softer then the D+.

    I'm not sure if you've tried our Golf Shop Locator link, but it will show you what club fitters in your area have indoor fitting capabilities as well as launch monitors.  Use the link below.

    Hope this helps.



  2. Richard N

    A indoor fitting shop just opened up here. I was able to hit a 72g s+ shaft and really liked the ball flight. I think the d+ would be too low of a flight path for me. That was the only option they had in that degree head. How would a 82g shaft effect the flight in the same shaft. I do have a 72 in my driver and love it. I am going by the philosophy of getting a heavier shaft as you work away from the driver.

  3. Matt B

    I have the S+ 82 stiff shafts in my 913F fairway woods and just love the feel. I fight hitting them a little too high in the standard A1 setting. I play the 72 D+ stiff in my driver to help me hit a flatter shot off the tee. Typically the heavier the shaft the lower it will launch & spin, also play slightly firmer, I think it would be minimal as I have no trouble getting my 913F 15* & 19* woods in the air (testing them at D1 currently)and still playing around with the sure-fit to get the flight & spin lower.

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