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A new 4hybrid

Ryan E

I have a 19deg 913H hybrid and have been having great success with it. I am considering replacing my 4iron with a hybrid as well. Can i use the same specs i was fitted for at manchester lane on my 19,( obviously with a different head) on my 4 iron replacement. 

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  1. Cameron D


    Yes, since it is the same club (913H),just a different loft, you should be able to get away with the same specs.



  2. Ryan E


  3. Ryan E

    Is the Titleist ilima shaft the same as the mitsubishi ilima shaft, it seems to have a different kick point. The mitsubishi kai`li seems to be the same as the titleist ilima version though. Reason i`m asking is because the shop i want to order my hybrid from can`t get the titleist version.

  4. Cameron D


    The Titleist Ilima and Kai'li will have a higher torque, play a little softer, and launch slightly higher.  Give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and we can check availability on the shafts you are looking for.



  5. stuart c

    I originally replaced my AP1 4 iron with the 913h 21 to give me flexibilty on long par 3's but I needed to go to the 24 as the 21 went to far.  You will need to play with the settings to get to the right yardage.    

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