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Iron & Wedge shaft reccomendation

Frank P

While on Trackman, I recorded a 7-iron swing speed of 67 and a ball speed of 88 and total yds. of 120. Can you make a recommendation for steel and graphite shafts for 7 thru LW. 75 grams seems to be good in graphite. Anything lighter and I can't feel the club. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Don O

    Hopefully you are looking at the AP1.  Your ball speed is a little low relative to your head speed,   The base 714 shafts (True Temper XP95 and Kuro Kage graphite 65g) are good starting places.  The 65 is under your request, but Titleist can adjust the swing weight to feel heavier.  I had a chance to try both along side of my Tour AD stock 712 shafts, and I'm going to recheck my own once I can see spring.

  2. Potomac Golfer

    Consider the Nippon NS Pro 850 steel shafts (available only as a custom order).  I went through a great fitting at Titleist's Oceanside facility and that was the best for me -- same distance as graphite, yet with greater accuracy using the Nippons.  85 grams.

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