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Time and Effort in Titleist Fitting


I was fortunate enough to be the friend who got to join Tom Parker, the Grand Prize Winner, at the 2013 Oceanside Experience. Having been through a few fitting experiences at local courses, and being known for being frugal, this experience was, to say the least, an eye-opener.

I have played golf for over 45 years, and always felt that the golfer was 99% of the equation.  After 5 hours with a professional like Robert Bunn, the confidence  I have in my equipment makes all the difference, and helps me realize that properly fitted equipment plays a much larger part.

Looking forward, I would definitely invest in a Titleist Fitting Session before purchasing new clubs. Relatively speaking, it's not that expensive, and the confidence it builds is priceless. Oceanside may not be an option, but, Titleist has many Certified locations across the country.

Do yourself a favor and utilize Titleist's resources. They're second to none.



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  1. Brian D

    Completely agree with you.  The Titleist fitters are second to none.  Any time I can throw Karen's name out there for fitter of the year, it can't be said loud or often enough.  She is the best in the business, or at least on the East Coast down at Manchester Lane.  Maybe some day I will have an opportunity to visit Ocean Side and compare East vs. West coast fitting, but my guess is that they are both terrific.

    Glad you were selected and was able to visit for a once in a life time Dream Fitting...Congrats again and Happy New Year with your new clubs!!


  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Brett,  Congratulations on being Tom's best friend :).  Glad you could make the trip with him!

     I agree wholeheartedly and not just because I work be fit by a pro that is knowledgeable in the equipment (heads/shafts), club fitting and swing mechanics is invaluable in selecting your new clubs. 

    If you are a player are looking to purchase newTitleist clubs and would like the name of a recommended Titleist fitter in your area - give us a call at Team Titleist and we would be happy to give you the names and numbers of our recommended fitters in your area. 

  3. Speedy

    Brett, first congrats on being Tom's friend and getting to enjoy the prize.  Sounds like you had an amazing experience. 

    I have to agree with you 110%!  I was lucky enough to be 1 of 8 people selected to advertise/promote the new AP irons back in September.  The first 45 minutes of the day was all fitting and it was an amazing experience.  I've been playing golf for the last 25 years and always bought clubs at a regular golf store and never have i've been fitted like that.  The Titleist fitting staff was amazing; explaining all the numbers to me, what it meant and worked with me to find the right club and shaft.  At the end of the day, those irons were meant to be.   Such a great experience.  

    I would highly recommend golfers looking to get the new AP irons to get fitted at one of the Titliest certification center.  Best investment you'll ever make.     

    Now i'm waiting for this winter crap to be over with..  Dying to play with my new irons :)  Cheers!

  4. BRETT L

    55 degrees tomorrow here in N.C., so, all clubs are in, and ready to fleece some players at our club. Hopefully, to also sell them on Titleist equipment.

    I hope you are able to get out soon.


  5. Chris92009


    Congrats on your experience at Oceanside!  I was fortunate like yourself to have a fitting this fall and I would competely agree with you that much of the results were eye opening...I am seriously considering doing this again in the next year or two since I can definitely see it can make a difference in selecting appropriate shafts and clubs.  That being said, any problem shots on the golf course will not allow me to blame my clubs any longer! Darn!!

  6. Tom P

    Thanks Brett, my buddy, for this posting.  And also, thanks to my fitter, Steve Ziff.   Titleist definitely knows how to put the correct clubs in your bag.  

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