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Fitting vs. Buying

Bob J

I've decided to get myself a New Year's gift of new AP2 irons. I purchased my current clubs (png i10's) from a larger retail golf store and the fitting was pretty basic.  From what I've read on this website, Titleist fittings are very comprehensive and very rewarding. There is an advanced fitting center within 45 minutes of my home. There are also several courses that I regularly play within very close proximity to my home. I would like to purchase the clubs from my local professional, but he doesn't have the fitting technology available at the fitting center. Now to the question -Will the fitting center provide me the data so that my local pro can order the clubs for me? Or is that information proprietary to the fitting center? I'm not trying to short change the fitting center. I would just like to support my local pro and course.

Thank you for any information you can provide on this topic.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Fitters charge for their fitting time and expertise, and since you are paying for the fitting, your fitter should be able to provide you with all your specs so you can purchase the clubs at your home course. 


  2. Don O

    Bob -

    Not to interfere with your relationship with your local pro that can order based on the specs from the AFC, but the AFC may discount or waive the price of the fitting if you purchase the clubs from them.  Based on your 1.5 hr travel time to pick them up, your local pro may still be the best option to place the order.

    ...Easy for me to say, since my local Titleist pro with a Trackman outside is an AFC.    J

  3. Bob J

    Thanks for the input!

    I live in Central CT and don't have the option of being fitted outside until the spring. Is it worth waiting (impatiently), or would doing an inside fitting be adequate?

  4. Don O

    The interaction with a mat is different than you will feel with an iron on turf.  For that reason and for me I'm not in mid-season form physically (starting to get over holiday eating) and need to get in better shape to see the same speed/contact with the ball, I'd wait until the great outdoors is an option.  It's killing me that I know I need to get checked for wedges, and I can't even do that until May.  Conditions are only playable in April, not ideal here in Wisconsin.

  5. Tom P

    You should definitely wait and complete an outdoor fitting session with a certified Titleist fitter.  You need to be able to see your trajectory and the entire shot. Golf is a game that is played outdoors so it only makes sense that the best fitting environment is outdoors.  I have completed both and the outdoor fitting is by far the way to go. 

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