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Too much backspin on drives

Mark F

Hi Titleist,

I recently purchase a 910 D3 driver and really like the ball flight and the feel of this club.  i have a stiff shaft and set the club at B3 setting.  I have got a nice baby draw going and although I am flying the ball around 250-260 yards I am getting zero yards of roll. Literally pitch and stop.  I have a 915 3 wood and with same shaft and same setting but get more roll when of the tee so my total yardage with the 3 wood is around 240-245 and carry it around 230-235.  i would love to get that extra bit of run out on my driver and wondered if a different shaft or kick point or possibly a different head setting might help.

Can you give me an tips on this.  I really don't want to change the driver as I hit it great of the tee and off the deck also.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Dylan W

    Launch and spin are directly related so assuming you are right handed you should try lowering the loft by going to c3 or b2, which should lower your spin numbers providing you with a flatter decent angle and more roll

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