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Length of a Club

Walt S

When I look at the specs of the Titleist clubs (AP1) lets say a 7 iron, it gives the length at 37". My 2 questions are measured from where to where, and if it is hard stepped, how long should the 7 iron be. I know that these should be easy questions to look up, but when I did a search on the net, I got conflicting points of measurements. Thanks.......

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  1. Kurt V

    You measure on a bench ruler designed for golf clubs. You can buy one fron maltbys, golf smith, etc

     hard stepping or soft stepping wouldn't change the length of a club you build. . You would just trim the butt to the desired playing length which is 36 3/4 or 37" depending on the companies standard or what the player wants. 

    Are you asking what would happen if you wanted to hard step a current build set? In that scenario , taking the 8 iron  shaft and putting it in the 7 iron head would result in a club that was 1/2" short. You can use a shaft extender but the swing weight will change. 

    My experience is that even with a new build, players prefer soft stepping  a stiffer shaft to make it softer, than hard stepping a softer shaft to make it stiffer. If you add the fact that you have to lengthen a shaft with a butt extender to get the length back in an already built set I'm not sure you would be happy. You could try  hard stepping one club and play it 1/2" short. Swing weight will be lighter and it will play stiffer but you may like it. I have also found that shorter length is better than longer. If a shorter shaft makes you hit the sweet spot more often it may actually go longer.

     Good luck

  2. Walt S

    I REALLY appreciate your reply, the answer was just what I was looking for..!!
  3. Matt B

    Overall length is taken from the sole of the club to top edge of the grip. As far as determining hard step or soft step measurements - it is the measurement taken from the 1st step of the shaft to the sole of the club(Dynamic step pattern). My understanding of stepping golf shafts is to match the shaft weight to the desired flex or cpm.
  4. Walt S

    Thanks Matt, your answer completed my question!

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