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Shaft Question

Mike M

Hi All,


I am currently in the process of switching over to Titleist from another company.  I have a shaft fitting question, and was hoping to get some help from a Concierge regarding a driver shaft.


I currently play an MRC Fubuki Alpha 70x in my current driver (similar to the D3's profile), and it's been a great performer for me.  I'm wondering if Titleist offers this as an off-list option for the 913 D3.  If not, I am wondering what other offerings may play similarly.  I have played MRC products in my wood for the last eight years, and love the feel and performance of their lineup.  I am however not married to the brand, and would be willing to try something different should something perform similarly. 


I do have access to a fitting center, but I would like to narrow things down if at all possible.





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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The Fubuki Alpha 70 X is available to order as an "off menu shaft".  On off menu shafts, we ask that you don't make any changes or cancel the order once it has been placed, as it is not part of our standard matrix.

  2. Mike M

    Thanks Cathi. Appreciate the help!

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