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Wrong shaft label- S300 hard stepped or X100?

Chip H

I just received my 712U 3 iron and noticed that the shaft label says it's an X100. However, I ordered a hard stepped Dynamic Gold S300 and the receipt in the box reads "S300 Hard stepped once." I spoke to a Titleist customer service rep who said that it is likely that the wrong shaft label was put on the club and that I would have to cut the grip off to read the serial number to determine what shaft is actually installed. 

After doing some research, it seems that I may be able to determine what shaft is installed based on the height of the first step from the tip. If so, what would I need to measure to determine that the shaft is indeed a hardstepped 3 iron? I don't want to cut the grip if possible. Thanks.


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Chip,  A hard stepped S300 should be 9.475" +/- .25" from the top of the ferrule to the first step.  Give us a call at Team Titleist if there are any issues. 1-888-TITLEIST (888-848-5347)


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