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Right flex!

gregg c Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Titleist Staff Member

Hi I have a question on what shaft flex I should be using. Ball speed is around 150-152. Club head speed 105-108

miss shots are left and I tend to have a low ball flight. 

Thanks for your help!

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  1. John L

    Well gregg im gonna have a hard time giving you advice because your tagged as a certified fitter and pga tour staff. Normally i tell people to go see a fitter because there is not true standard to shaft flex from company to company, also kick points very with flex's as do different weighted shafts can have an affect. i would always say to and try out a bunch of shafts to find out what works for you.

    cheers greens and fairways to all 


  2. AC RixRox

    Yikes! All great questions. We all hit walls.Pros hit walls and they have trainers.

    And so your story begins. If you are scratch or minus player which I am guessing you are, then it's really tweaking things like the kick point and the lie.

    Maybe even have another Pro or trainer look at you and render their opinions. There is wisdom in much good counsel. I suggest you gather up your favorite 6 & your favorite Driver and head for A DIFFERENT PRO shop with an indoor computer range.

    Absolutely Do not talk beyond asking for their help or tell them who you are. See what is right and what is wrong. Listen! Ask! And listen some more. Do not try to answer your own questions. You cannot!

    Test what they tell you. Adjust accordingly. You know the basics and you know the truth. Those are the words that ring like fine crystal in your ears. Half the fun of golf is tweaking the specs and the other half is collecting the money on the 19th! But what do I know?

    Much love from the Old & Bold, RixiRox

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