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Backspin rates

Matthew K

I was just wondering exactly how driver backspin effects the overall misses! Right now my D3 is spinning up in the 3500 RPM range which is much to high and im wondering how bad that is for misses, and how much distance im leaving on the table! I was swinging around 112 on the trackman today but my overall distance was only about 270 with a 1.43 smash and the numbers just didn't seem to add up quite right. 

910 D3 (9.5, S, Ahina)

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  1. Cameron D


    You will certainly see a loss in distance with that club head speed and spin rate.  It would be hard to determine exactly how much distance, but there will be a loss.  I would recommend, if you haven't already, turning the setting down to something on the bottom row of the performance guide (D-2, C2, D-1, C-1).  This will help to reduce some of that spin.  You may want to consider a firmer flex and a little more weight in the shaft as well.  Players with club head speeds of 112mph should consider x-stiff flexes.  This should assist with the spin rate as well.



  2. AJAR

    Hi Matt,

    Not sure if you have seen these 2 'Driver Optimizer' charts from (formerly but your numbers do make sense - if you refer to the 'Carry' Optimizer. The Tour Average table also shows your numbers make sense. You could also try checking the Attack Angle and Launch Angle to see what to alter in your swing if it is not an equipment alteration you are seeking.

    I would suggest getting together with a Titleist certified fitter / Trackman Instructor to ascertain what and how you should alter.

  3. AJAR

    Hi Matt,

    I forgot to add these 2 attachments:

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