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Shaft Dilemma


Last year I purchased a brand new set of 712 AP2's.  Without diving into too much research, I got the irons with the KBS C Taper shafts.  I made this decision partly because I had previously hit irons (not Titleist irons) with the KBS Tour 90 shafts and enjoy the shot making ability that these shafts gave me.  The other part of the decision was due to the KBS C Taper shafts being talked about as the hot new shaft on the market.  To say the least, I did not experience the same shot making ability with the KBS C Taper shafts 

I recently visited a local Titleist retailer and hit the new 714 AP2's in a few different shafts.  I love the new look and design of the 714's and have decided purchase them for this upcoming season.  I was unhappy with some of the shaft selections that the retailer "fitted" me for.  It is my understanding that the KBS Tour 90 shafts are not available at the moment as they have not passed the necessary testing protocol.  Could someone offer up some insight into what shaft Titleist offers that might be similar to the KBS Tour 90 shafts from a spec standpoint?  As I am ultimately seeking the ball striking and shot making ability that those shafts gave me and I do not want to make the same mistake of purchasing a set of irons without the proper shafts.  



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  1. AC RixRox

    Check the latest Titleist Custom Equipment catalog. You will find shaft specs are on page (9).
  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The KBS Tour 90's will be added to our custom matrix and are available to order with the 714 irons.  We may not have the shafts in yet, but can place the order for them. 

  3. Kurt V

    C tapers and Tour 90's are on the opposite end of KBS spectrum. Tour 90 is the lightest and softest flexing shaft in their line up. The flex you choose in each weight will make a difference too. A KBS Tour 90 in stiff will be softer than a CTaper in regular flex. The tour 90 and the Tour have the same design and step pattern, just the wall thickness gets thinner with the lighter weight. I assume that you tried the KBS Tour90 in stiff flex?  The next step stiffer would be the Tour in regular flex , then R+, then stiff ,  S+, then finally X flex.

    C taper is a totally different shaft design for high swing speed players. Low launch and low spin. You may want to try the new C taper lite too. It's a lighter, higher launching, and more user friendly for most players

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