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D3 driver

lance y

I'm pretty set on getting the D3 Driver however I am 6'6" and have been playing a png G15 for years. The stock specs on the g15 have it 3/4" longer then standard which work perfectly with me being tall. 

With the D3 should I order one with the shaft extended? The standard shafts aren't really comfortable to me as all my irons are extended as well. I am not looking for extra distance just comfort

Will extending the driver shaft affect the torque, kick point, etc?

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  1. Don O

    Shafts generally come 46-47 inches and are cut to length.  After standadard tipping, the length is adjusted for length from the butt end.  This won't impact the shaft's response.  Getting a 45.75 driver instead of 45 will primarily affect the swing weight.  Getting fitted and specifying your desired swing weight on the order will minimize that.  Any lie adjustments would be done through the adjustment.

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