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adjusting lenght or tweaking lie ?

Valentin F


Is better to adjust lenght or tweaking the lie ?

because i need -0.25" shorter irons

and i used to play D4 swingweight.

i would like to buy AP2 714/DG TT TOUR ISSUE X100 SOFT STEPPED ONCE/golfpride multi 580round with 2 tapes.

let me know, thanks

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  1. Matt B

    If you tend to pull or miss left you may want to go with flatter lie angle. Years ago the standard lie of a 5 iron was 60* now it is 62*. Just depends on your swing type, you should be able to find a demo with flatter lie angle just to see if it feels & performs well. I actually play my Mizzy 5 iron at 61.5* at standard length, that is actually 1* up from miz standard lie.

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