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Fitting Day vs Tour Fitting at Oceanside

Jim K


I am planning to get a new set of irons soon and was looking to get fit. I was curious as to the difference between a Titleist fitting day at a local golf course vs the fitting received at the Oceanside facility. I fully expect that going to Oceanside would provide a more through fitting experience but are the fitting days adequate? Do the fitting days include launch monitor testing to find proper shafts? Is there any obligation to buy clubs from the course hosting the fitting day or will I get a club recommendation and be able to take that to my local retailer? 

Any info would help. Obviously going to Oceanside would be preferential but if I can get a similar experience locally and for free no less i'm thinking I may have to go that rout.


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  1. Hiep V

    Jim, do yourself a favor and head to Oceanside for the fitting! I was there a couple of years ago for my irons/hybrid fitting, and I cannot begin to explain how special it was to be there, just for the couple of hours that it took for the tour and the fitting. The staff is extremely professional and courteous, and we felt like we were part of the Titleist family. 

  2. Potomac Golfer

    Do Oceanside. The staff is more experienced, they have every shaft, and overall the session is more focused on you. Local fitting days are more limited in the scope of what they have, and the fitters typically have other customers trying things during your timeslot. I have even been to a Titleist Advanced fitter in my area, but my later trip to Oceanside was uniquely worth it and that much better.
  3. Chris92009

    Absolutely! Do TPI Oceanside if you have the opportunity...however if you cannot make it happen just ensure whoever fits you at the fitting/demo day knows what they are doing.  One other thought would be to visit a regional fitter for cost and is a good alternative.  

    Good luck!

  4. tdogg21

    That's an apples to oranges comparison.  The fitting day I was at last year was adequate, but no where near what I would expect at a Tour level fitting.  I think my fitting was 30 minutes to an hour with a launch monitor.  The fitter had a large selection, but not nearly what would be available at a fitting facility.  In addition, the fitter was not as knowledgeable as I would expect a Tour fitter.  Where the comparison gets tricky is cost.  A fitting day is free and you get to spend time hitting a variety of clubs on a launch monitor with the help of a certified Titleist fitter.  You won't get as much info or as thorough of a fitting, but depending on your game and your goals, it might be all you need.  And the money you saved by not traveling to Oceanside and paying for the fitting might be enough to buy your new irons.

  5. Jay U


    I have been fitted a number of times in my life, titleist regional fitting centres, png's club fitter of the year 2013 (Ted Webster, Calgary AB) and Oceanside in 2010.

    If you want a whole bag of Titleist equipment, there is no place like Oceanside, PERIOD! The experience is unequaled. If I lived closer I would do it every couple of years. 

    Book it, you will not be disappointed!! Make a trip out of it, play Torrey Pines and enjoy San Diego, thats what I did.

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