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ap1 714s fitting


Was fitted for these irons but felt like it was pretty cold day and dressed with lots of layers. I don't understand the fitting terminology at all so I need some help. They recommended I get the irons cut down about 1/2 inch and the upright 1-2 degrees. I always thought that if you cut the irons shorter that would make the opposite.Please give me some help on teaching me about this. will I lose distance as well? Im only 5'9 and ive been playing with some irons ten years old. I looked at the specs and all my current irons are 1/4 inch shorter than all these. I was thinking of just cutting them down 1/4 inch. What impact will that do? Please any input and teaching me something would be greatly appreciated !!!!

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  1. Cameron D


    As far the lie angle and length go, I would go with what the fitter recommends.  You can always check the specs of your older model and compare to the new specs, as they may have changed over the years.  

    The custom lie angles will be built off of the standard lie angle #, no matter what the length is.  Meaning if a standard lie angle for a 6 iron is 62.5* and you were fit for -1/2" short and 2* upright, your 6 iron lie angle will be 64.5*.  The effective lie angle only comes into play if you add or cut length without adjusting the current lie angle.



  2. DAVID W

    So if I just had them cut down to 1/4 off what does that do beyond just making them shorter .. Will distance suffer doing that ? And the 1 or 2 degree more upright means the lie angle right ? Would that be getting more loft from the lie angle ? Thanks so much for your patience with me .Dave

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