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I had mistakenly provided my local dealer wrong specs.

Samuel H

Dear Team,

I was fitted at Golfsmith and I had purchased my irons from a local dealer.  Unfortunately, I wrote down bad information for my local dealer.  My irons were suppose to be plus 1/4" but I must have told him plus 1".  Unfortunately, the irons are too long and I am hitting the ball low towards the toe.  The current specs are standard lie and length.  I had received my irons about a week ago.  Can I irons be shortened?  If so, by who and how much?  I really appreciate your feedback.  Thanks.

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  1. Matt B

    If you cut them down you will loose swing weight - 6 points per 1". The clubs would have to be re-built & weighted, another option - try the clubs bent 1* - 2* flat to create the proper angles. You could take the clubs into golfsmith and experiment on the 6 iron first, then bend the rest of the set to match. I'm standard L/L in my past I purchased used clubs +1/2" & had them bent 1* flat & it worked out fine.
  2. Samuel H

    Thank you Matt B.

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