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How to determine the proper driver shaft length?

Dan W


My current (older) driver still gives me ample distance but I've always had trouble controlling it, accuracy-wise. If I was to shorten the shaft I realize that would help me with control. The question is, by how much? How do I know whether to use 45" or 44.5" or 45.25", etc., etc.? Could I use impact tape and then shorten based upon the patterns? I'm considering a new driver; 913 D3 is at the top of the list but it might have to wait until next year so I need to make the old driver last one more season. Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated. Thank you.


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  1. Cameron D


    You want to shorten or lengthen a driver based on the length that will give you the most consistency and highest ball speeds.  Face impact tape will help you determine this possible length issue.  If your impact marks are all over the face, then there could be a length issue.  I would visit a Club Fitter that may have a few different length shaft options and can analyze your ball speeds and consistency to find the right length.  



  2. Andrew B


    I switched to the 913D3 last year and ordered it to play at 44" with the Black 14g to try and bring the Swing weight back up...I still think i could go shorter and have a fitting in a few weeks to see which way to go. Going shorter is a great idea imao

    If you Google 'Tom Wishon Driver Length' you'll find a guide as to what length you need based on your wrist to floor measurement. It maybe worth marking the grip with a pen to see what length feels good before taking the plunge! Dr Scholls foot spray works if you can't get impact tape or a fitter with different length shafts to try

    Cameron - It would be great if the UK fitting centres had a better selection of different length shafts to try...I feel you'd get massive respect from customers if you routinely did this as part of the driver fitting


  3. Dan W

    Thanks Cameron

  4. Charles R. B

    Dan, most of the new drivers have face adjustability. When you get fitted they will check you for length, and then dial in the face setting to tighten up your shot pattern. Another thing that affects your shot is which flex shaft you`re using. If your current driver is regular flex, you could try a stiff shaft. It might cost you five to ten yards, but it might also tighten up your shot pattern considerably. Depends on your swing speed. See a professional fitter!!-Chuck B.

  5. Rick A

    A fitting is really required. As a poster noted in Tom Watson's guide, you need to know your wrist to ground distance. I am tall with longer than average arms. I was playing plus 1" and because of my arm length, they were too long for my swing. After a fitting my game improved by an order of magnitude.
  6. Chuck Z

    I really like my current shaft on my 910D3 stiff shaft standard length and too have problems going off line at times.....when that happens I simply grip up about a quarter to a half inch on the shaft and that helps me bring the ball back in line......  :-)

  7. Pat A

    I believe Rick is spot on with his comments. I am 6'4" but have 32" pant instead and sleeve length of 37-38". A fitting helped me find proper driver length at 44". 


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