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Scotty Cameron putter weights

david b

I have a Studio Select Newport 1.5 with 15 gram weights, I have a tendency to leave long putts short will adding heavier weights help my distance control? Also I tend to leave the face slightly open at impact would a heavier toe weight help correct this problem? Thanks David


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  1. Brian D


    A couple of things that may help.  Try picking up a cheap putting matt with a small incline.  Set up in your livingroom and practice putts from time to time ensuring you are routinly getting it up the small incline, then take this to the practice green and you should start feeling more comfortable with your distances.  Ideal a "good" miss will still pass the hole by 6" or so each time.

    You can also try and add weights to your SC.  They sell a really nice kit on-line, it is not always available, but last I looked they had replenished and are now selling again.

    Best of luck making your distance putts, and most of all controling your speed.



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