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Stronger lofts

keith d

I'm considering strengthening the lofts on my 712 cb's. The 5 and 6 irons by 1 degree and the 4 iron by 2. This would put the loft of the 4 iron at 22 degrees and the bounce at 0. Has anyone done this and if so how did the change affect the way the iron played?

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  1. Cameron D


    I personally have not done this, but have worked with players that have.  We made this change to help reduce some of the spin in their longer irons, which helped improve their carry distance.  Keep in mind, this was an extremely high spin player and we did this through the set.



  2. keith d

    I guess i was little more concerned with the bounce of the 4 iron being at 0 and wondering how that would affect the performance of the club. The whole reason behind this is so i can eliminate the 3 iron and play with 4 wedges. The reduction of the spin is a bonus that i didnt think of though because i do produce a lot of spin even with my x-flex c-tapers.
  3. Kurt V

    I have done this and you won't notice a bounce angle change. Longer irons tend to be swept with shallower divots anyway. 

    If it does affect you pick up a 3 iron and weaken it. Lots of 3 irons for sale. 

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