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Matching Shafts

Sam S

Hey guys,

A while back, I upgraded to a 910 D2 driver.  Problem: I fell in love with it and now I want a matching set.  I was wondering: Is it still possible to find a 3 and 5 wood with a Diamana white 72 graphite shaft.

Also, if I am unable to match with the driver, what would be another possibility?  I want the 3 and 5 wood to match, but should they match the driver?


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  1. Cameron D

    We can still get those shafts, but the 910 heads are no longer available.  If you are looking for the matching fairway woods, you would be looking for the 910F.  

    If you liked those club heads, you should consider trying the new 913 models and working with a Club Fitter.  There are a lot of similarities between the two, with the new 913 offering a thinner and lighter face insert design.  This helps to produce faster ball speeds and a more forgiving driver.



  2. Sam S

    Alright.  I have found a 913F 3 and 5 wood.  Before I purchase these items, I would like some opinions.  The 3w comes in a Diamana 'ahina 72 (white) shaft and the 5w comes in a Diamana Kal'li 65 (blue).  How do these shafts compare?  Will the gap between them be sufficient?

    Also, if someone who as a 913F 3 and 5 wood could post what shafts you've got and your yardages with these clubs, I'd really appreciate the imput!


  3. Don O

    The Kal'li is a hgher launching shaft from the 'ahina.  Also check the shaft weights.  The Kal'li has 75 and 65 g versions.  Titleist now sells the 913 F with the D+ (white) and S+ (blue) as the stock low and mid-high shafts.  They no longer offer the 'ahina and Kal'li "by Titilesit" shafts.

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