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please help with proper iron shaft choice- 714 AP1's

andrew e


 i'm a dedicated Titleist user!

 I recently have tried to change from ap1's to ap2's - the switch was terrible. They had TTS300's and my 8 iron distance dropped from 150-155 to about 135-140.

i'm an 7 handicap and  That totally sucks to loose more then a club in distance.

 I swing my 8 iron around 65-68 mph I now bought a new set of 714 AP1's with the TT XP S300. No distance issues but I hit the incredibly HIGH and can hook the holy heck out of em sometimes or fade em.

I like the new AP1s I purchased but don't feel like the shaft is right for me. I have always wanted a more boring flight and these 714 AP's seem to be higher then ever.

 can you please recommend a good shaft for them? i bought them from GOLFMART so I can return and re-order with a different shaft that Titleist offer - not concerned about an up charge - I just want whats better fro my game. I am 39 years old. and my Driver swing speed is around 96-99 mph.

 any thoughts??

 thanks! Andrew

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Andrew,  It sounds like the DYG may have been too heavy and the XP's may be too light.  We would recommend seeing a good fitter in your area - Pete's in Mineola - 516-248-689 or  Mike over at Montclair GC- 973-239-0160. Both are Advanced Fitters and will have other iron shaft fitting options for you to try.  We can put any shaft in either head so you will just need to find the right shaft. 

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