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Loft alteration 913D2 vs open/ close.

john d

I can purchase a 9.5 degree 913d2 with Phenom reg shaft. I would like to alter it to a 10.5 and change the shaft to a Ilima. This to upgrade from my current TM 10.5 R9 460 with a soft tip Aldila Re-Ax shaft(reg).

With the R9 because off the basic design the head closes/ opens and the lie alters if you change the loft. But

can you change the 913D2 from a 9.5 to a 10.5 so that it would be the same as a stock 10.5 ? i know a fitter is the way, but its a real bargain and i can always sell it again.

Thx from Amsterdam.

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  1. john d

    11 degrees that is. 

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