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Has anybody been fitted with Recoil prototype 110 shafts for 714 ap2 or ap1? Please give me your feedback. thanks


Just looking to hear from people with the above combinations. 

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  1. Mike M

    Yes, I have been fitted for the prototype 110 F5 by a UST rep.

    Currently playing 712 AP2 with KBS Tour, the recoil was smoother, took some of the shock contact out which will help

    my joints and the shot dispersion was better and ball flight was lower. 

    Have not been able to order the 714 AP2 yet with this shaft because Titleist still hasn't approved the shaft.

    They say it is in the "bin" to be approved.

    They have approved the prototype in the 95 and 125, but still waiting for the 110 to make my order. 

  2. Mike M

    Finally got my 714 AP2s with the recoil prototype 110, F5.

    Played Saturday (in a 25 wind)  for the first time with them, actually played 36.

    Really pleased! I would not have been able to do that with my former KBS steel shafts, shoulder would have hurt too much.

    I never got fatigued and shoulder felt great.

    I was surprised how accurate they were even into the wind and how they held the line.

    Great feel, no vibration, gained some distance, but mostly pleased with the accuracy.

    Really happy Titleist finally approved these, worth the wait.


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