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Need new shaft for AP1 714 irons

Henry L

Need help!!! Purchased brand new set AP1 (714) from Golf Galaxy not long ago. It Regular Flex XP95 R300. Hit ball height, but lost distance about 7-10 yds. Now I want to replace with new shaft. Should I get KBS Tour V (Regular) or Project X PXI 5.5 ? Thanks.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Henry,  If you were fit for the clubs, I would talk with your fitter about what you are seeing.  If your launch and spin are good with your new AP1 irons., it is possible that your previous clubs that you are comparing them with were much stronger lofted.  IE - they said 6 iron, but it had the same loft as your new 5 iron.  In that case, you are not going to hit your new 6 iron as far.

    If your launch and/or spin are too high, both the V and the Pxi will launch and should spin lower.  To reshaft a set of irons to either one of those shafts is expensive and we would recommend seeing a good fitter to make sure that it is the right shaft for you.

  2. Henry L

    Thank you Kathi. I did get it fit before I bough it. One of the pro. from Golf Galaxy did it and that what he said I should get. But now he retired when I went back there I think his name is Tom (not sure)at Golf Galaxy 10844 Providence Rd Charlotte, NC (704) 847-2141.
  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Henry, I spoke with Rob, who is the head fitter at your Golf Galaxy in Charlotte.  Please give him a call and he would be happy to take a look at your irons and to see what can be done to optimize your flight.

  4. Henry L

    Thank you Kathi, I will try to call Rob tomorrow.
  5. David S


    Your level of customer service exhibited in this thread makes me glad that I selected new Titleist irons at my fitting last week.  Thank you for your efforts here!!!

  6. DaveB

    Having just recently getting fitted and purchasing a set of 714 AP1's, I second David's comment.  I feel very good about my being a Titleist club owner and team member.

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