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Driver shaft chart


Does anyone know where the X-flex Pro Force V2 might fall on the standard Titleist shaft chart? The S-flex is somewhere around mid flight and low/mid spin. I am trying to cut the spin down and hoping the X will help. Thanks

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Kevin,

    It all depends on the weight of the V2. The heavier weight V2 options tend to have tighter torques. A comparable stock shaft would be the Diamana White +.  Before making a decision, try to see a local Titleist fitter. The change might be as simple as adjusting the setting on your current driver.

    Keep us up to date.


  2. John L

    I have used the V2 x-stiff in the past and i didn't find that it cut down spin enuff for me. the D+ shaft didn't do anything either what i did find that worked was the oban devotion and the speeder vc tour spec lines

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  3. kevmi2az

    Thanks for the reply, that is useful.

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