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getting low and going deep . return of the low lofted driver

nik d

lets say someone wanted to try a 7.5 or 8.5 deg. head. they would ultimately have to just buy one and hope it suits their game. if a store is a titleist dealer, could you ask the store to order a demo club in those stated lofts? and how about ordering multiples? so a person can find the best head. and would the wonderful achushnet company ship the head only?

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  1. Tyson F

    My Titleist 910 D2 is an 8.5* and is normally set with the loft lowered to 7.75*.  I increase the loft when it's wet enough that everything is all carry and no roll.  I hit it at a Golf Galaxy beforehand, and then ordered it online a month or so later, this was a few years ago.  I not fully aware of the lofts of the current latest 913, but I'd think an 8.5 would be out there at most places and I'm sure the loft is adjustable up to a 10* and down to a 7.75* like the 910's. 

  2. nik d

    That kind of answers my question.  I currently play a 7.5 910d3 and have it lofted down to 6.75 (god knows why)   .  I got lucky when i ordered it because i hit it like crazy .  But i guess maybe the majority of golfers dont need 7.5 nowadays because they dont have enough tine to practice.  Anyways, still it would be nice for other golfers to try them out in a shop.  Just because a guy is an amateur doesnt mean he cannot swing at 120 mph.       Just like somewhere in the world, there is someone faster than usain bolt.  That really doesnt care to run!

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

     All surefit cart fitters have an 8.5° head and all Advanced Fitters have a 7.5° head as well as an 8.5° head in their matrix. Here is the link to finding a fitter in your area:

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