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Driver Setup

Josh A

I am currently playing a 907 D2 8.5 with a Proforce V2 76 S shaft. 

My current numbers with this setup:

Swing Speed: 108-112

Ball Speed: 157-162

Launch Angle: 15-17 deg

Spin rate: 3200-3400 rpms

Any suggestions on a setup, especially shaft, that could significantly help me lower the launch angle and spin rate?  I have tested the Diamana white + 72 and have not seen much of a change.  Is there anything comparable to the motore speeder vc ts series that doesn't put such a huge dent in my wallet?


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  1. Bubba

    Hi Josh,

    As always, we highly recommend you see a local Titleist fitter.  In the mean time, here are some ideas:

    1) Try a stronger loft, i.e. 7.5.  The stronger loft should help bring both launch and spin down to more ideal numbers.

    2) The Diamana White + is a good start.  It is a stiffer tip shaft designed to reduce launch and spin.  The new Aldila Tour Green would be worth a try.  As well, extra tipping on certain stock shafts will help bring launch and spin down. 

    Keep us up to date on the progress.


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