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Becoming a club fitter for Titleist

Jordan K

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how to become a club fitter for Titleist. I play a lot of their equipment and love all of it. I had my only personalized club fitting sessions through a Titleist fitter and am wondering how I can apply/learn to become one?


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  1. 19hole

    First,  you need to work for a Titleist retailer.  It is also helpful to be a teaching professional.  After that,  there are a number of seminars that Titleist offers and a lot of online training.  When you are done,  take and pass a test and you are now a Certified Titleist Fitter!

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  Or work at a green grass (golf course or range) with a cusom fitting system under a fitter that can help answer your questions and get you started.

  3. BrettP

    Becoming a club fitter involves many things and I thought I would share a few that come to mind:

    Knowledge - a good fitter has knowledge of how equipment changes performance and a solid knowledge of the golf swing and teaching background can help that immensely. If you work at one of our partner locations, contact your local rep to determine when the next local Club Fitting Workshop is and join us. You can also seek out the better fitters in your area as many of them are generous by sharing their time and expertise to help those new to club fitting.

    Communication - communication skills are incredibly important to help build trust and to elicit information from those you fit. The best fitters ask open ended questions and treat the fitting like a guided discussion in which you decide together what's best for the golfer. Watching others is a great way to learn this.

    Practice - new fitter are well served by fitting anyone who will spend time with them - friends, co-workers and anyone else to practice their skills and get better. Much like anything, you need time spent using your new skills to tie all the aspects of a fitting together seamlessly.

    Caring - maybe most importantly, golfers want to work with people who genuinely care about them and their performance. There's a saying around here that, "people have to know how much you care before they care how much you know."

    Let us know if we can ever help.


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