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club fitting

Steve S

I'm a 13 handicapper and have always wanted to try forged irons.....

I have been using png g5 irons (never have liked to much bounce) it wise to change to forged irons?

I recentely purchased the new Volkey wedges ( 56 & 60 ) and love them.

What Titleist forged irons would be best for me?

Thank you Steve S.

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  1. DaveB


    Considering your handicap, I would lean towards the AP2's if you really want to go forged.  However, I would not discount the AP1's even though they are not a forged club.  The best thing for you to do would be to see a Titleist fitter, preferably outdoors, and try a bunch of clubs and setups and see what fits your game the best.  I play to a very similar handicap and I went with the AP1's, mostly because I don't get to play all that much and I wanted that extra bit of forgiveness.  I too have kinda wanted to try forged clubs, but it's an awfully big investment just to "try" some forged clubs... and that's why the fitting process is so valuable... you get to try a lot of clubs, then make an investment decision based on the results at the fitting.  Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  2. Ron R

    I agree with Dave.  See a fitter. I love my AP2-714 but the AP1 might be better because it's more forgiving.  Pngs are slightly offset I believe so you should notice a cleaner ball strike with the Titleist. Good luck!

  3. David C

    Dave I'm a 6 handicap player.  Currently play R11 irons.  Wanted your opinion on the AP2 irons.  Is the offset going to be a big change?  

  4. Christopher T

    I did a fitting for Titleist irons today and was surprised at what was recommended.  I was wanting to get some AP2 irons, but found I was hitting the AP1 model much better.  And the biggest shock was that I needed a regular flex shaft instead of a stiff flex.  Now that I know what is recommended, I am going to play a round with some demo clubs we have and make sure it is exaclty what I want.  

    So go get fitted and see which model is best for you.  

  5. Steve S

    Thank you for the reply Dave and Ron.

    I live in Va. Beach Va. where is the closets club fitter in my area that would give me the best results to get me fitted?

  6. DaveB

    Personally, i don't know the R11's, but there's just a very slight offset on the AP2's.

  7. Curtis M

    I play a mix set of AP1's and AP2's.   I am a 6 handicap but honestly the forged AP2's are very forgiving.   Go see a fitter and decide what you like best.   Don't buy something just cause your handicap isn't as low as some people say it should be to hit a forged iron.   I was skeptical when buying cause I heard the same things not being an extremely low handicap and I love the AP2's, hit them just fine.   Try them both!    Good luck!! 

  8. David C

    Thanks for the info.  I'm currently a 4.1 index.  I played with blades for years but had back surgery in 2010.  After surgery I lost a lot of swing speed and distance.  I currently play the R11 irons because they still look similar to blades but give me extra distance and forgiveness.  My problem with them is if I hit them flush I get to much distance.  It gets old hitting good golf shots over the green.  On slight miss hits they are great.  I did some research and noticed the lofts on the AP1s are very strong.  The AP2s are similar to my irons now.  I only carry 5-PW.  -3-4 are hybrids and 3 wedges 50-54-48.  I appreciate your time to respond to my post.  

  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Glad to hear you are recovered from your back surgery -  that can be tough...

    We do have a recommended fitter in the Miami area named Juan Gomez - he can be reached at 760.799.7066.  He does have a Trackman monitor and is located at Melreese CC. 

  10. Tom C


    Like Dave, I went to an outdoor fitter here in San Diego, and I hit almost every high end iron available. I have had TM, cleve and png and I settled on the AP 1's, and they are by far the best I have hit for feel, forgiveness, and length. I have had mine for two weeks, and I am delighted with them and sorry that I did not get them earlier in my game. BTW, I also traded in my SLDR driver and my rbz stage 2 fw, for the 913D 2 driver and 913F fairway in a 17 degree. These two are both fabulous and have not had to make any adjustments (yet).

  11. David C

    Thank you.  I usually go to Planet Golf but I will check Juan out.

  12. David C

    I play the 913 driver and 3 metal with the Bassara 50 shaft.  In my opinion the driver is by far the best driver on the market.  Both are long and super easy to hit all the shots I need off the tee and deck.  

  13. Edward K

    In my opinion, get a shaft fitted for you, and the proper lie angle. To me, the head doesn't matter much. I hit the ball just about the same with everything I've tried! You combine those two factors, you can hit anything well.

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