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AP1 714 shaft length


I am 6' 3 and weigh about 225 and have always been very athletic anyhow I was fitted back in Feb right before I hurt my back and was playing standard length stiff xp95 shafts but now ever since my injury I can't really get down on the ball when bending at the waste and feel like I need a longer shaft.... I have been doing rehab on it for 2 months now and have seen little improvement. I was told to expect future flair ups from the bulging discs. It sucks cause I'm on 34... Any suggestions

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  Sorry to hear about your injury - hopefully physical therapy is going to help - all be it slowly.  You may also want to check on a therapist that is TPI trained to see if there is anything you can do specifically to help your golf game and protect your back. 

    Yes, your shafts can be reshafted to a longer length.  Depending on the amount you lengthen, it will also soften the flex and allow it to kick up in the air a bit more. 

    Good luck!

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