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I'm A Senior Want To Get Fitted

Kevin B

In the market for new Driver and Woods. As a senior my game isn't what it used to be. I love the Titleist brand haven't change drivers in a long time. Still have my Driver 905R and 5 Wood 906F. I live in West Los Angeles, travel to Carlsbad almost weekly. I wondered where the best facility would be located to help me with my new Titleist Driver and Woods decisions and be able to determine which of the Titleist Drivers would best fit my senior needs?

Thanks so much for your response.

Kevin Burchett- Los Angeles

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kevin,  If you want to treat yourself, I would encourage you to reserve a fitting at our Oceanside Tour facility.  It is where our Tour players come to be fit and it is also open to the public for fittings.  They will be able to fit you into the correct head and shaft for your current swing using the latest Trackman technology and some of the most experienced fitters in the country.  The cost for a driver and fairway fitting would be $200.00 and would take about one hour.  They fit Monday-Friday at 9:00am or 1:00pm and ask that you get there about 1/2 hour prior to your fitting so that you have time to warm up and take a short tour of the facility. 

    For more information and to reserve your fitting, call us at Team Titleist 1-888-TITLEIST or contact Andy at 1-888-262-7202. 

  2. Tom P

    Hey Kevin - the $200 for the driver and fairway woods fitting at the Oceanside facility will be some of the best money you ever spent on golf.  The facility is awesome and the fitters are the best in the world.  You will have no regrets and will be telling your buddies about it once you return.   Most likely they will ask you first, once they see your new equipment and how well it works for you.    Good luck and have fun.  

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