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Project Pxi vs. XP95

chris b

I already have the 714 AP2's with the Project X Pxi 5-PW and AP1 3-4 iron ... but I hit the AP2 much more consistently than the AP1 for some reason.  So I was going to order the 3 & 4 iron to make the entire set AP2.

My question is would I see a considerable difference in the Project X Pxi vs the XP95 shaft??  Knowing that there is a $35 upcharge for the Project X and I am a little strapped for cash at the moment.  Would the XP95 help the long irons get more in the air??  I hope so.  

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated .... before I take the plunge yet again.

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  1. chris b

    Any thoughts??  I want to place an order soon ... as I have a tournament in a few weeks

  2. chris b

    Anyone??  Bueler??  Cameron??  

    No thoughts on this?  I want to place the order for the irons soon

  3. Bubba

    Hi Chris, 

    Sorry for the delayed response. 

    There is a difference between the Pxi and the XP 95. Not only is the Pxi heavier, it is also designed to launch lower than the XP 95. Not to mention many people notice a feel difference. Because the XP 95 is a flighted shaft, it is designed to launch higher in the longer irons and shorter in the short irons. This sounds like something you could benefit from. However, I would strongly suggest that if you are going to go with 2 different shafts in your irons, make sure you see a local fitter first to confirm your thoughts. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


  4. chris b

    What about swing weight?  I know that the AP1 is D1 and the AP2 is D2.  What effect will the XP95 have on swing weight?  I think the XP95 would be the way to go ... especially in the long irons.  That is if I want to keep them in the bag.

    thanks for the response

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