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Irons fitting

Edmund F

Hi there,

     Just read the post from the senior wanting to get fitted for woods. He was told it would cost $200. What would a full irons, with wedges, fitting cost? And what would to total package cost to fit woods, irons/wdges and putter(if applicable)? I am not in the market to do this at the moment, yet always considered when the time comes, to drive up to the Massachusetts fitting facilties.



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Edmund,

    Both our Oceanside and Manchester Lane (Massachusetts) facilities are open for public fittings.  Here are some details: We have a state of the art facility in Oceanside and Manchester Lane with fairways, greens, and our wedge and bunker area where Bob Vokey does his work with players (O'side).  We use a Trackman launch monitor to gap and check numbers so that you can be assured that you have the correct club selection.

    We offer three separate fittings:  Driver/Fairway, Hybrid/Irons and a Wedge fit that can be done individually or all together.  Most players that come to our facilities are used to hitting balls and do all three together, but it depends on the individual.   Each fitting takes about an hour (or 3 hrs for the bag, minus putter).  We do not offer a putter fitting.  The only place that an authorized putter fitting can be conducted is the new Gallery in Encinitas, CA which is scheduled to open this month. 

    When the fitting is complete, we will email all the details of the fit to you and your pro (if you wish) and you can order your clubs at whatever shop that you choose.  The fitting fee is a fitting fee only and does not go toward the purchase of clubs.  Oceanside fits Monday through Friday at 9am or 1pm.  Manchester Lane fits most weekdays at 9:30am and 1:30pm, but it varies as they are primarily a Tour and research facility.  The cost is $200 per fitting or $500 for all three and you can reserve your fitting appointment by calling Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST or by calling 1-888-262-7202 and talking with Andy.

  2. Edmund F

    Wow. Thanks. Very impressive.  I must order the irons from a shop of my choosing? You can not send the specs directly to the Titleist factory to order the clubs? This is what my shop would do.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We don't have any direct ordering for irons, but we can arrange to have the specs sent and the order generated at your pro shop if you let us know when you reserve your appointment that you would like the order placed as soon as possible. 

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