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iron shafts need help in vibration damping

David S

I just started back playing and I bought the new AP1's with the XP 95 in stiff and some Vokey SM4 wedges in wedge flex.  I hit my 7 iron about 165 yards.  My handicap is about a 9-10, but should probably drop once I get back some consistency and short game. But I can't practice as much because of wrist pain. My driver swing speed is on average about 105.  

I had to stop playing several years ago due to some nerve damage in my wrist.  I have started back playing and trying to keep it from getting worse.  I love the new irons but the vibration is really starting to aggravate my wrist again.  I have tried the graphite shafts and that helps my wrist but I just can't control the trajectory.  I hit the XP 95 shaft plenty high, but I can lower them down when I need to. But I need to find something to help my aching joints. I'm really looking at the steelfiber shaft.  Probably the I95. Since the regular graphite doesn't seem to work would the steelfiber be the best option?

The nearest fitter who deals with steelfiber is at least an hour and half from me. So, I'm trying to get some answers to a few questions:  

1) which size shafts go in the AP1's and the Vokey Wedges?  .370 or .355? and would the same length as my XP 95's keep them about the same swing weight?

2) with that swing speed which flex would you recommend?  From what I have read the stiff would probably be too stiff for me, but not sure if the regular would work.  Plus it seems the regular flex has a higher ball flight and I don't really need that.

3) And/or would hardstepping the regular or softstepping the stiff be the best route?

4) what about my wedges? When I played regularly before my injury my short game was a big strength.  I like the different options and different choices so I carry 4 Vokey wedge. Should I use the same shaft in them?


David Smith

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  1. Bubba

    Hi David, 

    Thanks for the question. I'm sorry to hear about your wrist pain. Golf can be tough with that type of injury.

    Regarding your questions:

    1) We use a .355 Taper tip iron shaft. 

    2) Determining what flex is right for you depends on launch conditions as well as ball speed. If you would like to see a generally lower flight with less spin, a stiffer shaft would have a higher likelihood of accomplishing this.

    3) Hard stepping and soft stepping would change the characteristics of the shaft; However, there is no way to tell which one would be better for you without trying them first. 

    4) When I would fit individuals with irons and wedges, I typically used the same setup in the GW as I did for the rest of the iron set. When it comes to the shafts in your other wedges, some people like to keep it consistent, some like to go heavier and some like to go softer. 

    As you know, it is always best to try and see a local fitter and everything mentioned above is player dependent. But hopefully this gives you some direction.

    Take care, 


  2. David S

    Thanks. I have a call into a fitter.  He is a good bit away from me. but hopefully I can work something out.  This will at least give me an idea of what to look for.  


  3. Mike C

    Don't know if you have tried the sensicore inserts or not but it is another option.  You can purchase these separate from the shafts and insert them yourself.  It will entail re-gripping the shafts, but it really cuts down on the vibration (but also the feel).  These are basically just a little plastic stick with a spiral of foam wrapped around that insert in the end of the shaft.  they only add a couple of grams of weight so it doesn't really throw off the swingweight too much.  May be worth giving it a shot if you like the characteristics and flight patterns from the XP 95's. You will have to double check the packaging to see if they are ok for these shafts, there were a couple of True Temper shafts where they did not recommend using the sensicore inserts.

  4. David S

    When I first injured my wrist several years ago I tried them and they didn't work very well. I also tried the png cushion shafts. But my wrist continued to get wrist and ultimately I had to stop playing. I have tried some graphite shafts and they seem to help, but they do not play as well. So, I am looking for something different so I can keep playing. Thanks.
  5. Jonathan A


    My father had elbow surgery a few years back, and switched to graphite shafts. He had the same issues you did with the ball flight with the graphite shafts. This season I fit him to the AP2 with the xp 95 s300. After a few rounds he was having some elbow discomfort. I did some searching through the different online discussions and found that people were having success with a company called Prosoft. My father ordered the inserts they are about $29 plus shipping. They have worked great and his pain is gone. It comes with instructions and is a pretty simple process. All you need to know is how to change a grip the rest is as easy as stuffing the insert in the shaft with a tool they provide.

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