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910d3 9.5 w a red weight of 7.5 grams and a new fubuki 51x4ng

gus f

ok, so i had the 910 d3 with a fujikura f3 cut 44.5" and   4 strips of 1 1/2 lead tape. i .have no idea what swing weight it was just felt lovely and realseased lovely. 260 off the tee not great but not bad.  

so i bought this fubuki shaft off ebay that plays 45.5" so im going to give it a world but much to my surprice it still feels pretty light not all bad but that nice kick with the f3 is almost fading away.

i know am goint to add some lead tape until it feels sweet again but i figure i better ask some questions before i do it.

whats my current swing weight at 45.5", red weight of 7 grams, 50 gram shaft and 4   - 1  1/2 strips of lead tape and could i be wrecking the feel if add too much lead tape as i think i did that with my ooold swoosh driver.

any advice before i start lead taping will help. i have a pretty good turn with my hips into the ball so the 45.5" wont be a issue, done it before.



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    You will have to weigh the lead tape to find out how many grams you have added.  Lead tape comes in 1/2" and 1" sizes and they are not the same thickness.  2 grams of head weight will equal 1 swingweight, but using lead tape means you are placing the weight at different places which changes things as well.  Most of the 60 gram Fubuki shafts will swingweight out at D6 with a red weight, stock grip and no lead tape.  You will have to weigh your tape to see what you have.  You can also get a 910 12 gram weight through an authorized pro shop in lieu of 5 grams of lead tape.  That will bump the swingweight up to approximately D9 with no lead tape.

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