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New D3: Tour Green 65 vs Diamana S+62

Fin Z

Hi there, 

I am currently / still playing my 2007 TM Burner 10,5 deg with a RE*AX 50g Superfast shaft regular. 
I am going to buy the 913 D3 but I'm not sure with which shaft to go. 

With my current driver I often have high shots with a lot of spin (I suppose), as especially in windy conditions, the ball will go very high and bleed to right. 

So I am looking for a more penetrating ball flight - I like to feel smooth with all my clubs so I am not looking for a shaft that's going to require a lot of force to get the ball airborne / give it a decent height. My clubhead speed is around 95-100 mph, but in a video I recently saw that I do not have a lot of wrist hinge, so I might swing faster in the future. 

I was able to try the S+62 in a hitting area, the results were nice, but I obviously couldn't judge the ball flight. The shaft felt nice too, but here's why I am writing all of this: I dont want to spend all that money and then end up with a combo that leads to a fairly high ball flight again. 

So does anybody have an experience with these two shafts and could help me?

Thanks a lot in advance for all your answers!

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  1. Cameron D

    Fin, The Tour Green will launch and spin the ball a little less than the S+ 62. This is something that you should see in your ball flight and on a launch monitor. I would still recommend visiting a Club Fitter to compare these two side by side. This way the Club Fitter could not only tell you which one might work better, but may also have another shaft that could help eliminate that spin and give you even more successful results.

    Use this link below to find a list of the closest Club Fitters to you.  It will give you information on whether they have an indoor or outdoor facility or launch monitor.



  2. Fin Z

    Hi Cameron,
    Hi everyone, 

    thanks a lot for your answer! Unfortunately, the fitters in the area do not have the Tour Green as a shaft.  
    I was able to try the S+72, but it felt very stiff and hard to load. I liked the S+62 better, as it felt easier to load and launch the ball with a smooth swing. The person who recommended the Tour Green as an alternative also said that Aldilas play a little softer than the Mitsubishis - so could the Tour Green be the "perfect blend"? I know it is hard and not very accurate to fit over the internet, but as said, I do not have the possibility to try the shafts. 

    Thanks again



  3. Matt B

    Have you considered the Aldila Phenom,(I believe it has a softer mid section)? It can also be ordered in a 60g weight. I would definitely be fitted somewhere with a launch monitor.

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