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Clubfitting in Bloomfield Hills,Michigan

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge Team Titleist Club Concierge TPI Certified

Last week, I went on a road trip with several of our sales reps and visited a dozen of our clubfitting accounts, both private and public.  I have to say, Michigan is a gorgeous area  - the courses, both private and public are looking great and very inviting.  I wish I had brought my sticks with me, but.....maybe next time. This trip was to visit with several of our biggest fitters in the area, to say hi and to talk about custom fitting and Team Titleist. 


Our biggest public fitter in Bloomfield Hills is Carl's Golfland.  I met with their head buyer, Casey and their three Trackman Master fitters, Pete Farner, Nick Morrow and Ryan Johnson.  Casey spent some time showing me the new warehouse and facilities and their vast array of clubs, balls and accessories.  They stock exotic shafts as well as a large inventory of wedges and clubs.  When you are ready to be fit, they have fitters that can assist you or you can do a Trackman fitting with one of their three master fitters, Nick, Pete and Ryan. There are less than 50 Trackman Master fitters in the country so they have spent considerable time learning the ins and outs of Trackman.  They also have two other Trackman fitters - Greg Mathewson and Frank McAuliffe so there should always be a Trackman fitter available for your fitting!             

Pete, Nick and Ryan showed me around their new Launch Pad, posed for some pictures and gave me feedback on what they are seeing in their fittings, what their players are asking for and suggestions for the future.

  If you are in the Bloomfield Hills area, stop by and say hi to Nick, Pete and Ryan!


Next stop, private fitter, Oakland Hills CC - home to 16 championships and getting ready to host the US Amateur Championship in 2016.  Here is the walk of fame with some of the great champions names.

coming up 18th.  Wish I was golfing!

We talked about Team Titleist, toured their range and their custom fitting indoor bays and restocked their sold out Dual Balance putters :)

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  1. john c


    Having lived in Michigan almost my entire life I can tell you that Michigan courses rival anything in the U.S.

    I currently live in Colorado and have golfed in 12 states. I have played at last count 428 different courses. 

    I have played lots of public and private and resort courses. Sorry you didn't have your sticks. 

  2. Dan H

    Cool story and pics Cathi;  yes it looks like you should have taken your sticks!!  Oakland Hills looks awesome and lets see if they want to host a Team Titleist event!!!  Ha.  It was worth a shot....

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