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Custom Fitting in Greater Philadelphia Area

Jeremy G

I just wanted to make a note to the community that I was just fitted by Harry Hammond and Tom Koenig at Penn Oaks in West Chester, PA.  The fitting was conducted with a launch monitor, on grass, and with a well stocked Titleist kiosk.  Having been fit in doors for Mizunos at Golfdom about 6 or 7 years ago and obtaining clubs that were well above my skill level, I was searching for an outdoor fitting with a launch monitor, conducted by an experienced fitter.  

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the results of the fitting.  The process Harry and Tom use is seamless with Tom preparing club adjustments and Harry monitoring results in air and on the launch monitor.  As Harry was honing in on the final setup, I could see better and better results.  Harry even threw a few set-up adjustments my way that were immediately beneficial.  

If you are in the area and need a fitting, I definitely recommend Harry at Penn Oaks.

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Jeremy, 

    Thanks for the post. We are glad to hear you had such a good fitting experience. We will be sure to send the kind note on to Harry and Tom.

    Hope you enjoy the new sticks!

    Take care, 


  2. Jeremy G

    I just wanted to follow up on my fitting post. The clubs arrived in record time!  I picked them up last Saturday so that's just absurdly fast.  I was fit for AP1's 5 iron - 48 degree wedge, 913h, 913f, and 913d. 
    First, the results are excellent.  My old irons had s300 shafts which were too stiff for my slower swing speed. My Titleist set has graphite shafts which have made a tremendous difference.  The new setup has me drawing the ball (as a slicer).  In fact, I did not slice a single ball last Sunday, though I did mis-hit a few but that wasn't the club's fault. I picked up some distance as well. I flushed an 8 iron and hit it about 145 - 150 yards which is long for me.  My previous max 8 iron was about 130 -135.  This additional yardage carries through the set.  Additionally, the sound of a well struck shot has appealing auditory feedback.
    The clubs are gorgeous. This is the set of golf clubs you want to bring home to meet your parents. 
    Overall, the Titleist experience has exceeded expectations throughout the spectrum of the experience. I was always drawn to the Titleist brand. I just never knew that Titleist was so strong in the forgiveness category.  Much thanks to Harry at Penn Oaks and Team Titleist. 
  3. David Browning


    What a difference a fitting makes. There's nothing like feeling/hearing a properly hit ball. 

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