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AP1 Iron Swingweight

Ted S

I currently play 710 AP2 irons with R300 Dynalite Gold XP shafts.  I play to a 8.0 handicap index.  Now, as a 64 year old, I'm losing iron carry distance.  An 8 iron used to carry ~ 150 yards.  Now a 7 iron is about a 148 yard carry.  I've demo'ed a set of 714 AP1 irons and am planning to make the switch.  However, I've noticed the AP1's with the standard XP95 shafts build to a D1 swingweight.  My last 4 sets of Titleist irons have all been D2.  Can the AP1 irons be built to a D2?  If not, would going to the XP105 shafts bring the swingweight to D2?  Aside from the difference in feel, would the characteristics of the irons be affected any other way? For instance, would any increase in club head speed with the AP1's at D1 be lost at D2?  I believe the overall club weight should essentially not change, just the feel of the club head, right?  If I go to the XP 105 shafts would I gain some stability (reduced shot dispersion) without any appreciable loss in club head speed?

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  1. Potomac Golfer

    You can request a D2 build as a custom order at no extra charge.  It won't affect speed or flight, just a matter of feel, and candidly most pros cannot detect a 1 point difference.  The build will have a +/- 1 spoint manufacturing tolerance anyway.  But ordering D2 will ensure you at least get D1, and not something less.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ted,  Yes, we can build the XP 95 to a D2 swingweight - your golf pro just has to specify it on the order.  The difference in swingweight is about 2 grams of head weight or a little less than the weight of a dime.  Very few players can tell the difference in the single swingweight.  The XP105 shafts are heavier by 7 grams and (in an R300) will swingweight at D2 +/-1 swingweight.  If you are having dispersion issues because of the lightness of the shaft, you can certainly try the XP 105 shafts.  Both Nick's Golf Center and Elcona CC are surefit cart fitters and can help you with that decision.  If they do not have the XP 105, have them give us a call and we will arrange to get it there for your fitting.

  3. Ted S

    Thanks for your reply.  I tried the AP1's again today and, honestly, couldn't feel any difference from my AP2's in terms of head weight. I like your idea of ordering to a D2, however, to make sure I get +/- 1 swingweight.

  4. Ted S

    Thank you, Cathy.  I will try the XP 105 next to the XP 95 before I order my new irons.

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