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913 D2 Grip options and Swingweight

Jesse N

Hi am about to Purchase a 913 D2 driver in a day or so, and I considering ordering it ( -1/4) inch and would like a midsize grip (Dri-Tac Wrap Lite WinnDry Midsize 23g)  because I am 47 years of age and starting to get a liitle bit of arthritis in my left hand. I have a swing speed of about 85-90 mph, so I am going to order the Diamana S+62 R flex. My question(s) is:

(1) how will the shorter shaft length and grip weight affect Swing weight? With the shorter length and lighter grip, will they effectively cancel each other and the SW stays the same or close to it?

(2) If i use the stock grip, how many wraps would give me same size grip feel as the winn? i want a grip like the 360 that doesn't have markings so if i adjust the club, the grip wont visually change. otherwise I would use something like the Blue/Black Dri-Tac WinnDry  

This is a big investment for me, and I  would appreciate advice.

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  1. Cameron D


    That grip will add 6 points to the swing weight and the -1/4" will only take off 1.5 points.  If you request the lightest bezel weight in the head (4g), then you could get a swing weight of D5.  IF you were to order it with the stock grip you could add roughly 3 wraps to match the size of the midsize Winn.  If you do this, then consider requesting the heaviest bezel weight (14g) to get the swing weight to standard at D4 (or D2 with the 11g bezel weight). 



  2. Jesse N

    Thank you Cameron. The info you gave me helped out in my decision. I've decided to go with stock length-45" and the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. I tried one for feel today on the same shaft, and it was surprisingly similar in feel as compared to the Winn DriTAC Grip I have on my R1 now. Since I have about 2 grams to make up, I'm going to add 2 or 3 wraps, and I think I will be dialed in. Before I go to my Pro Shop to order it, I was also wondering approximately how much weight the wraps add?

    Once again, thank you for the information you provided me, and if you have any ideas or comments, they would be greatly appreciated.

  3. TeeBee72

    now that's a great answer !!!....Titleist Staff is awesome !!!

  4. Jesse N

    One last thing...

    May I order this driver with a flex between a R and S? I read on one of these discussions that it can be done, so I wonder if it is possible on the  Blue Diamana Plus 62 Shaft that I like.


  5. Cameron D


    We use a few different size wraps to obtain certain grip sizes, so it would be tough to specify the weight of the wraps.  I can say that adding 2 wraps (1/32 over) will decrease the swing weight by .5 and adding 3-4 wraps (3/64 over to 1/16 over) will decrease the swing weight by 1 point.

    To try to stiffen a regular flex in that shaft and make it play in between or closer to a stiff, you could look at tipping the shaft.  That shaft comes un-tipped, so tipping it either .5" or 1" would make it play slightly stiffer.  Obviously the more you tip it the more stiff it will play, so this all depends on how much you feel you'll need.



  6. Jesse N


    This afternoon I went to my Pro Shop (Haggin Oaks Super Shop) here in Sacramento and ordered my 913 D2 Driver. I ordered it tipped 1", and GP Tour wrap +3 wraps, Letters down.

    It was nice going in knowing exactly what I wanted, and I am looking forward to receiving my Driver in a couple of weeks or so. 

    Once again, thanks for your help. Getting information directly from Titleist Staff such as you was invaluable and reassuring when I was making my customizing decisions.


  7. Cameron D


    Sounds great!  Glad you were able to get that on order and I know you'll be pleased.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.



  8. Jesse N


    Well, I received my Driver last week and got a chance  to take it out to the driving range to get acquainted with it. It was AWESOME! I was hitting it right in the sweet spot and straight more than any other driver I had before. 45"  is about a half-inch shorter than my R1 plays, and I think  that 1/2 inch makes the difference. I was thinking about going to 44 or 44 1/2 " and I'm glad I didn't. The flex is perfect, between a R and S flex. I'm glad I did my homework before I ordered this Driver

    Now I truly understand what people mean by "pulling it of your bag with confidence".


    Thanks again for your help.

  9. Cameron D


    Great stuff!  Wish you continued success.



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