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Heavy shaft in a 1" longer iron club

Diego R

I have recently got my new 714 ap2 with a R300 xp95 +1" longer 2up (6´35" tall).

I tried before this shaft with a 0.5" longer because they didn´t have +1" longer in the demo material.

I ordered D2 SwingWeight but they have got D4 with a midsize grip and something else that I don´t know (perhaps a lighter head). I have probed them three times in the practice court and I feel the clubs too much heavy related to the +0.5" longer that I tried before.

Any suggestion?

Kind regards from Spain.


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello Diego,  In order to get a 1" over club down to D4 swingweight, they would have used the lightest head to build the set.  Otherwise, the swingweight would be about D7+/-1 at 1" long.  If you were fit with a 1/2" long fitting shaft in a standard AP2 fitting head, the swingweight would also be D4.

     To get the swingweight lighter, you have several options, -  put a heavier grip on it, cut it slightly, or use a lighter shaft with a higher balance point. 

  2. Diego R

    I have these clubs from 10 days ago?

    Are there any lighter shafts for not feeling so heavy? In standard lenght I don´t have any problem with the XP95 R300 but after playing with +1" shaft I am full of muscle soreness.

    I have seen in my order that they made the swingweight lighter with a custom iron head  and a misize tour velvet grip.

    Any suggestions? The feelings with these clubs are amazing but I don´t want to feel muscle soreness after every round.

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