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913 D2 Shaft Question

Bruce G

Currently playing 913 D2 with Titleist Bassara W50 Reg. flex. Club head speed is 90-93, love the feel and flight of the ball.  Currently, hitting it about 215 carry, my question is would a Graphite Design BB 5 regular shaft give me any more distance. None of the fitters have exotic shafts in regular flex.. Any suggestions for more distance other than lessons or going to Acushnet Ma.

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Bruce, 

    Thanks for the question. 

    It really is all player dependent as to whether or not the BB 5 (R) will give you more distance Vs. the Bassara W 50 (R). However, if you currently hit the Bassara 50 (R) well, with ideal launch conditions, the likelihood is you will not see a significant amount of distance increase due to a shaft change. It is all about optimizing launch conditions.

    I would suggest seeing a local fitter so you can learn your current launch conditions and see if there are any improvements to be made.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Robert S

    I have a similar question. I play a 910. Driver with the bassara 50 W shaft with an A flex. I am 73 years old with a swing speed of 70/75 mph. I hit my driver well given the slow swing speed -- hitting 10-11 fairways a round--but consistently hit my friend's drivers with R and S shaft 5-15 yards further. Does this suggest I would hit the Bassara in an R flex a bit further or that I need to get my launch conditions checked by a fitter before making any decisions. Thank you, Bob
  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Robert,  Distance is a combination of factors, including launch, spin, and speed  If your launch is too high (and it descends too steeply) or you spin it too much, you will see an increase in distance with a lower loft and/or a firmer shaft.  Eric L over at Turning Stone would be one of our recommended fitters in your area and his number is:  315.361.8105. 

  4. Robert S

    Thanks Cathi. I know Eric and will get fitted before I order the 915 driver.

    thanks again,  a Bob

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