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913 D3 driver fitting - Tour Ad BB7 benefit over stock Phenom 70



I have been trying to be fitted for the 913 D3 9.5 driver.  My local shops only have the stop shafts available to fit with and based on those options the best average numbers I could achieve were the following with the phenom 70 stiff

Ball Speed = 156

Launch angle = 12.9

Spin = 3186

Carry Distance = 253

As you can notice my spin is still high.  Since my fitters don't have aftermarket options for me to try I reviewed the titleist fitting chart and it looks like the Tour AD BB7 will give me all the same benefits of the phenom but with lower spin which in theory should increase distance.  

Q:  Will the Tour AD BB7 infact give me lower spin but maintain launch, ball speed, etc..?  If so moving from low - mid spin to low spin how many RPM's should my spin go down?

Again, I know there are many variables and optimally trying the BB7 would answer my question but I don't have access to the shaft.  

Any help would be appreciated.  



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi John,  If you are going to an authorized fitter, such as TPC Snoqualmie or Puetz Evergreen GC or another authorized fitter, you can have your fitter call us and we can arrange to have that shaft sent for you to try. 1-888-TITLEIST. There are many shafts that will help with spin, but you won't know until you hit it under the same circumstances with the same machine. If you like the feel of the Phenom shaft, you might want to try it in an 8.5 head.  You may not necessary lower your launch as much as you think, but the spin number should go down.

  2. Luke W

    look into a Proforce V2 shaft. looks like i have similar numbers as you and that is what i ended up with. only shaft that felt better was one that was like $500 upcharge cant even remember the name of it. lol. i currently play a 913 D2 12.0 with proforce v2 86g x-stiff and carry have been varying a lot lately but yesterday i was hitting ball pretty well and average 265-280 yards carry no roll course was wet. I would recommend seeing a club fitter with aftermarket shafts if at all possible

  3. Rustygolfer77

    Thanks Cathi and Luke!

    I took a trip to Oregon for work and was able to demo the BB7.  The shaft did what I was hoping for with a 250 RPM reduction in spin.  This in combination with Cathi suggestion of moving to a 8.5 driver reduced my spin by a total of 400 RPM.  Needless to say placed an order for the driver and expect its arrival Sept 5th.

    Sincerely appreciate the help and nudge to be patient for a proper fit.

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