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Custom shaft

Jonathan G

My question is that when I order a driver with a custom shaft, do I recieve a stock shaft with it? If not am I paying $400 for just the clubhead and an addition 350 for the shaft. 750 dollar for a driver is alittle steep in my book.

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  1. Don O

    Not sure if the $350 is the cost of the shaft, or the upcharge for the shaft. Exotic shafts do get expensive - the last quote I saw for the 40 g driver shaft was in the 4 figure range. So an exotic at $750 w/o a stock shaft is believable. I'm pretty happy with my S+ that was included with my 913. It was $275 to buy it separate. $750 is a lot for me, but I'm not in the competition for club or USGA events. Titleist has a lot of good stock shafts, but they aren't for everyone. Value is an individual choice.

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